Carlene’s Vision for CF!

Social and Economic Justice define how Carlene lives her life and her approach to addressing issues in the community. In order to create a community that is just and equitable for all, Carlene believes we need to address the root and structural causes of poverty, racism, inequities in education, housing, & health. She believes to improve outcomes in cities life Central Falls, we need to focus on strucutural changes and bringing those policies into practice across government so everyone feels like they are part of the solution. Carlene is running to address these top issues in the City of Central Falls and work alongside the entire community to ensure everyone not only has a voice at the table but is included in the decision making process.

Education For All

Carlene will work with the CF School District, School Board, Students & Families to advocate for increased funding to support our Public Schools. Making a commitment to testify at the State Level and bring residents to voice their opinions.

Carlene will work alongside the City Administration to increase funding for Student Fellowships throughout the City.

Carlene will work to fund water bottle filling stations in all schools to ensure students have lead-free water to drink. 

Create an Adult Education Commission targeting the 18-35 population. Increase apprenticeship programs, trainings, enter into partnerships with local colleges/universities.

Improved Quality of Life 

Carlene will work with the City and Residents to reconvene the Ralph J. Holden Community Center Committee to develop a fundraising plan for a 2030 State of Art Community Center.

Carlene will work alongside City Workers to ensure fields are ready for use for students!

Carlene will work alonsgide the Department Directors to present free senior related programming and increase health & wellness activities, arts & crafts, socials, movie/documentary nights, working with local schools & AARP resources. 

Increase/Add homestead exemptions for seniors, veterans, first time homeowners, women & people of color.

Colored crosswalks across the entire city.

Free homeownership, financial capability and planning workshops.

Pass ordinances to ensure all landlords are required to have rental properties inspected, make sure landlords can’t discriminate, & increase penalities for absent landlords. 

Take a look at all fees in the city and make sure they’re equitable to our neighbors in RI.

More Access to the Community by holding office hours at schools & high rises. 

Criminal Justice Initiatives 

Too  Much TrafficCarlene will work with local advocates and organizations to pass the Fair Chance Licensing Act.

Carlene will work with the Reentry Campus on Broad St to increase programming for those coming out of the prison system, families and children affected by incarceration, and connecting folks with resources to successfully integrate back into society.  

Carlene will work with the City to limit alcohol and tobacco licenses, increase lighting around the city and decrease speeding in the city.

Work with the Community and City to take a real systemic look at Domestic Violence resources.

Create a Criminal Justice Commission.

CF Community Empowerment Council

Carlene will work with the City to create the 1st Community Empowerment Council for residents to learn about their local government through first-hand exposure to the wide range of government functions, services, activities, and issues.

  • Starting in 2021, the City of Central Falls will graduate 2 classes of residents through CEC
  • Give residents an opportunity to learn how to access their government
  • familiarize residents with government services, functions and activities 
  • Help residents gain a better understanding about how to become involved in local government
  • Enhance their ability to effectively use their voice and power to advocate for issues

Pass Social Justice & Racial Equity Strategic Plan 2021- 2025


This initiative is centered around six priority service areas: Education, Building Community, Housing, Criminal Justice, Health, and Employment. 

  • An annual report on Social Justice & Racial Equity work in Central Falls.
  • Create a City SJRE grant initiative for local community organizations to work on one of the 6 priority areas. 


  • Develop analytical tools to identify the equity impacts of policies and decisions and determine ways to amplify positive impacts and mitigate negative impacts (Ex: demographics of board members, city employees, traffic stops) 
  • Develop guidelines for outreach, communication, and community engagement so that affected communities receive information & have the ability to help shape policies & services (Example: develop equitable communication plan for all city events)
  • Identify focus areas and develop policies & actions that improve fairness in government's organizational processes, including employment practices, business and grant writing
  • Create an Immigrant and Refugee Commission upholding our commitment to a welcoming community
  • Celebrate our diversity and community through a quarterly newsletter
  • Celebrate & recognize a resident, community group or organization each council meeting
  • Add Community Resource Guide to City Website for all to access
  • & MORE….

These are my tops issues, but I’m running to support your causes as residents in CF. If you have any concerns, comments or questions please contact me so we can discuss your ideas further!